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Organisational Design

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Fjord is an international design and innovation agency with a broad variety of competencies and skills among them. We worked with them to improve their internal collaboration process exploring team dynamics. We designed a process that started with two kick-off workshops, with the desired outcome to define shared values and tools, in order to make the everyday work more efficient. From there we could turn the results into an actionable toolbox, to ensure a common approach when working together as a team.


is Gold

We made sure to document as much of the process as possible. In this way we could spread the message and experience with the rest of the agency and get more people involved. The result was this short film.

Engage &


To make everyone aware of the initiative we promoted the workshop with funny and engaging posters all over the office.

Next Level

After facilitating the workshop with everyone at the agency, we took all the leads and management through the same process.