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The original thought for this project was  to make a tool for avoiding blood blisters and bulging fingers when doing your occasional handyman duties - a "handy handle". But in the end, it became something quite different. It became more a symbol of human-centered design getting too human. Actually so human it's not even functional - which theoretically makes it a piece of art. Now it's standing in my window in my Copenhagen apartment.

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of fame

The piece was later featured in the book "The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker" as an example of how to make creative connections.

a "Hands-on"


For this project, I had the pleasure of working with the bad ass inventer and modeler Joakim Zacho Weylandt and his nothing-is-impossible way of thinking. It was a true "hands on" process all they way through from idea to crafting to shooting the final product photos.