Ryan Hacks

Branding & Strategy

Art Direction

Service Design

Education  →  DMJX
Client → Ryan Air

This was one of my first real solo projects during my time at DMJX. It was also the last since it was my BA-project. Working with Ryan Air as a brand was actually just a lot of fun. The brand itself has a long history of bad reputation so I had to ask myself - should the solution be less ”Ryan Air-ish” or more ”Ryan Air-ish”. I went with more. More cockiness. More disrespectfulness. More provocation. The end result was Ryan Hacks - a 360 campaign on how travellers can trick, scam and cheat their way to a cheaper travel experience.

Case Video

The campaign consists of a mix of media to approach the users in every possible way, from the very beginning of their travels to the end.

Campaign Elements

The idea with the design direction is to make it personal and friendly. A setup flow to customize your preferences and a easy simple interface to make it as relevant and useful as possible.


Postcard  +  notepad (for your own travel hacks) +  luggage tags

"Travel leftover stand" - donate magazines, snacks and other things to the next travellers.

Ryanhacks Travel Guide - a collection of travel hacks.

YouTube tutorial video

3 Radio Spots

SoMe (with more travel hacks)  +  a cool coffee cup.